Friday, 8 April 2011

A Beautiful Book on the Human Anatomy

Its been a couple of years or so now since I really started to get my teeth into medical illustration and anatomical illustration, with one of my first large projects being months of work on the model set and artwork for The Complete Human Body book published by Dorling Kindersely. I worked closely with Rajeev Doshi of Medi-mation and together we worked very hard to produce what is probably one of the highest levels of 3D human anatomy illustration that has been published in a book to date. The level of detailing on the skeletal system, muscular system and the rest of the anatomy comes from many hours of anatomy study and the consultation given by Dr Alice Roberts. If you are looking for a high level of visual reference or academic reference on the human body that is both beautiful and highly informative then this is the human body book for you.

The Complete Human Body

If you wish to get a preview of the quality of the book then check out this link